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Welcome to GetReal

A Mission Against Misinformation

The GetReal! Mission

  • As the first generation of students to grow up with social media platforms as a daily part of life where information spreads quickly, media literacy and an understanding of misinformation is more important than ever before. It’s why our “GetReal” – a coalition of students throughout the state – is focused on engaging our high-school peers, teachers, counselors and experts on this issue to launch a conversation amongst our peers on the importance of media literacy; provide a basic set of tools for students to think critically about where they obtain their information; train students to be more active in confronting disinformation when they see it; and inspire our generation to respectfully and responsibly engage on critical issues impacting our world. 

The GetReal team has created a suite of resources, including worksheets, curriculum, fact sheets and informational sources for organizations to utilize to help teens and tweens debunk misinformation.

The GetReal team includes teens across the nation committed to helping their peers engage responsibly and respectfully in communities and our world.

The GetReal team is working hard to make an impact and engage as many teens, tweens, educators and parents on this important endeavor. 

NEW! Two opinion editorials published by Abby Moffat. 

Teens Tackling Misinformation

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